Cabinet Office Coffee & Coding

This is a microsite and associated public github repo for resources associated with the Cabinet Office analytical community’s Coffee & Coding sessions.

Coffee & Coding provides a regular opportunity for analysts in the Cabinet Office who are interested in coding to share skills and knowledge, provide advice and guidance to each other and generally network and get to know each other.

When and where

In the Cabinet Office, our Coffee & Coding sessions take place fortnightly on Friday mornings. Details of the specific meetups are provided in event invites sent out through the Cabinet Office analytical community, if you’d like to know more please get in touch via or sign-up via this form.


The following table lists previous and (when known) upcoming events.

Sessions are categorised as one of three types:

  • Project demos, showcasing work from a particular project
  • Method demos, showcasing how to use a particular method/tool/package
  • Surgery and problem solving sessions

Sessions are also categorised into one of three levels:

  • 0: No prior knowledge necessary (the default) - this session is suitable for everyone irrespective of their knowledge of coding or statistics
  • 1: Stats/coding knowledge would be helpful - people without knowledge of statistics or coding should be able to follow the session but might not fully grasp some parts
  • 2: Stats/coding knowledge desirable - people without knowledge of statistics or coding might find it difficult to follow some segments of the session